Thursday, 29 April 2010

Yeah, They Really Found Noah's Ark...

Apparently someone discovered Noah's Ark. Well not really, turns out it was a fake. Atheists can sleep easily tonight, knowing that as yet the bible hasn't been proved. But we should be cautious, any day now NASA could announce a discovery of the firmament and then we're screwed. No more lesbian bacon orgies for us...

But withholding a discovery of a legged snake skeleton complete with voice box, what else could we expect? of course it was going to be fake. Even if it was genuinely believed to be real, there are still almost an infinite number of possibilities more plausible than it actually being the boat from the myth. Finding a sled at the north pole doesn't mean that it's Santa's sled. An attached reindeer doesn't mean it can fly.

Let's grant for the moment that the people reporting the discovery genuinely believed they had discovered the ark, what evidence led them to 99.9% certainty? Did they find Kangaroo droppings? Emperor penguin eggs? Sloth DNA? A dead platypus? Polar bear fur? I'd wager nothing of the sort. Even if they've found a boat on a mountain, saying its the boat from the tale is akin to hearing hoof-beats and concluding unicorns.

Again it's a failure of the media to think before reporting. Some person claims they can heal others by hovering a crystal over them, surely the claim should be put through some scrutiny instead of announcing it uncritically.

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