Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Morning Scepticism: Godwin

Whether Hitler was in fact an atheist or influenced by Darwin are historical curiosities that don't influence on the validity of either. Yet much ink is spilled over Hitler's atheism despite there being very little evidence to suggest he was and much to suggest he wasn't. I've found one a priori argument used to establish Hitler's atheism.
  1. To be a Christian is to be a good person
  2. Adolph Hitler was not a good person

  3. Therefore, Adolph Hitler was not a Christian (thus an atheist)
Of course when the conjecture is that Christianity doesn't mean someone is a good person, excluding all those who are Christians who do bad things is about as effective as talking about prayer having a 100% success rate when God chooses to answer it. But I don't think for a minute that it matters whether Hitler really believed or not, when the argument is that a society without God leads to immorality Hitler suits just fine.

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