Monday, 10 January 2011

Morning Scepticism: Shooting

When a massacre takes place, it's a bit concerning that anyone as their first step would go into damage control regarding the guns. Multiple people are dead, including a nine-year old girl, and there are people worried that this will mean the Big Bad Liberals are going to make them part with Charlene. It's a pretty messed-up way of thinking. "Another shooting, quick lock up the guns before the those whining treehuggers take them away!"

It's like the anti-gun lobby is a big powerful entity, while the pro-gun lobby is one tragedy away from losing the battle to arm oneself with anything more than a pointed stick...

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Wowbagger said...

It's pretty easy to work out where the pressure on the politicians comes from - does anyone make money if there are fewer guns? No, nobody.

Does anybody lose money if there are fewer guns? Hell yes - gun manufacturers, gun retailers, advertisers, ammunition manufacturers and so forth.

When you add the kind of lobbying power those dollars buy with the mindset of so many Americans that they somehow need to own human-killing equipment to protect their 'personal freedom', you get a very hard-to-change situation.