Thursday, 26 May 2011

2% Beef Lasagna

Look at the image above, on the packaging it looks like a lasagna bursting with meat. And they proudly boast "100% Australian Quality Beef". Yep, all 12 grams of it, for reading the ingredients (shown below) beef makes up a total 2% of all that's gone into it.

Of course, with the way its advertised you wouldn't expect that to be the case. After all, who needs to look at ingredients on something labelled "Beef Lasagna" to ensure it actually has a decent amount of beef in it? By contrast, I saw a lasagna in the store today with 22%.

It's not like it just happened to be all pasta and sauce either, they used vegetable protein as a meat substitute. For something advertising itself as being beef and touting the merits of the quality of the beef, how is this anything other than cheating the consumer? Might as well take out those 12 grams of meat and sell it as a vegetarian lasagna instead.

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