Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Dream Of Science Fiction Authors Everywhere

Ever since the dawn of robotics, man has dreamed about having sex with one. At least according to pretty much every science fiction movie and book on the matter. Just think back to the movie Blade Runner, does the romance between Deckard and Rachael become any more or less weird if Deckard is a replicant too? The point being, for as long as there has been the vague notion of anthropomorphic robots there has been the desire to make one that would be able to have sex with us.

And so enter 2010, and there's a company claiming to have just that. A computer controlled sexbot! One that will not only move in different ways, but have distinct personalities and even email you updates on your favourite sporting teams. See the video below.

Okay, that's getting a little weird. Of course the big question is "how does it work?" and I couldn't find any videos showing the sexbot in action; which upon thinking about it is probably for the best. But still, there is a curiosity over how such a device functions, a lifeless mechanical blow-up doll and a feature list. Not very compelling stuff at all. Yet there seems to be a positive response already, so if the technology develops further - how long until it will be that sexbots become the sex aid of choice for the general population? Or will this forever be a niche market for people unable to find a partner? Could it put them off trying?

Perhaps there was something to that Futurama episode on the matter...

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