Friday, 8 January 2010

In Taking Lessons Of Outrage From Fundamentalist Islam (further news here)
Victoria's Police Association has reacted angrily to a cartoon in an Indian newspaper depicting one of the state's officers as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Delhi Mail Today newspaper published the cartoon in response to the murder of Indian student Nitin Garg in Melbourne last weekend.

The cartoon shows a person in a Ku Klux Klan hood wearing a Victoria Police badge, with a caption that reads: "We Are Yet To Ascertain The Nature Of The Crime."

Police Association secretary Greg Davies says it is highly offensive to suggest police are not properly investigating the murder.

"To say that our detectives are going slow on this, or for some reason trying to protect somebody, is incredibly offensive and wrong," he said.

"It's based on nothing but obviously a slow news day in Delhi.

"The identity of the offender from the homicide in Footscray isn't even known at this stage, so we don't even know what nationality the offender is.

"To say it's a race-based crime is not only premature, but stupid."

The Police Minister, Bob Cameron, has added his voice to the condemnation of the cartoon.

Mr Cameron has rejected suggestions detectives aren't working hard enough to catch Nitin Garg's killer.

"We've got a great police force and we've got the homicide squad out there and they do a fantastic job and it just doesn't help anyone at all to have people from the sidelines throwing bricks," he said.

"We've got a good police force and we should let our police force go about their policing business in a sensible and a calm way."
It's an outrage to our country and ALL Australians should take the protest to the streets. First there was the monkey comment against our beloved cricketer Andrew Symonds and now this?

Firstly ALL Australians should boycott Indian goods. No more curries, no more companies that use Indian call centres, nothing. That we support such hatred and anti-Australian sentiment through consumption is only going to encourage this anti-Australian bigotry and the bigots who condemn us.

Secondly, ALL Australians living overseas should be protesting, with large signs that contain messages like "FUCK THE SPICKS WHO SAY AUSSIES ARE RACIST". Wear singlets, stubbies, thongs and the obligatory Australian flag as a cape. Make sure to carry a Fosters in one hand, sing the national anthem proudly and then Waltzing Matilda for good luck. And just for good measure, beat up any Lebs along the way, just in case they are thinking about coming down to Cronulla beach.

Thirdly, real Australians should be sending death threats to the cartoonist responsible, same for any news organisations that dare print such hateful and hurtful cartoons against our country. And not just empty threats either, make sure that those who have desecrated our country's honour will live the rest of their very short lives in hiding and under police protection.

Fourthly, any Indian embassy is a prime target to demonstrate one's outrage at the hurt that this cartoon has done for our national image. Bombs can be easily made, and sacrificing oneself for the country will be rewarded with 72 engraved letters on a national monument. Indian Embassies should tremble in fear at the outrage their country has caused Australia.

Finally, we Australians should take this opportunity to make cartoons of our own blaspheming the Jews. At a time of such outrage, it is only appropriate to call the Jews devils, deny the holocaust happened, and compare them to swine. We all know of the Jew-run media, so in a way it's their fault - just like 9/11 or the Bali Bombings.

And the greatest thing about taking such action is that Western liberal thinkers will give us intellectual apologetics justifying our extreme use of violence, blaming the bigoted Indians for bringing such hatred on themselves, and talking about how national identity is extremely important to Australians. Such actions are not the responsibility of those involved, But of the perpetrators to instigated the violence by their own bigotry, those who didn't understand the importance of nationality to Australians.

It's time we realised that free speech has its limitations. And that limitation can only be taken seriously under the threat of violence. When someone publishes something blasphemous or heretical, the only measured response is one where self-censorship will emerge through fear and potential repercussions. Until such drastic action is taken (and the immediate beheading of any of the Indian pigs who printed such filth), no-one will take the Australian right to be respected seriously. And by respected I mean to be free from any criticism whatsoever!

(Disclaimer: In case anyone is under any doubt by this stage, this piece is written sarcastically. The point was to highlight the disparity between the incident and response in the Muhammad cartoons controversy, and to condemn those liberal western thinkers who have acted as apologists for the extremist actions over a cartoon. The ability to criticise, to put forth one's expression, this should be as sacred a value as one has in society; an ideal for any western democracy to protect. To cower down to the threat of violence is giving into terrorism, and that there's even a single liberal thinker acting as an apologist for such actions is a tragedy. No matter how offended one is, violence isn't justified. No apologetics about the important to culture, the significance of beliefs, etc. It's not justified, period.)

On a serious note, how much must we murky the already murky of waters of culture by pushing forward with cultural relativism? That we are wrapping up identities of millions or sometimes even billions of people with a stringent set of values and cultural icons that serve for personal identity? There seems to be nothing more dehumanising that reducing individuals to a stringent product of their culture.