Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More Objections To Vocal Atheism

Because the objections I raised would always be an incomplete list, here are some more.

"How would you respond to one who proclaims God is dead?"
Ontology: God by definition has to be the greater than great, so God has to be alive for being alive is greater than being dead.

Transcendental argument: If God was dead, then what stops 2+2 from equalling 5?

Induction: The science used to argue for the death of God relies on induction, and induction is unjustified. Remember: all swans are white...

Bible code: The Bible predicts events like 9/11, the words are hidden in the text. This can have no explanation if God is dead.

Jet streams: The Bible contains scientific ideas like jet streams that could not have been known to the ancients. This must be the work of a living God.

Prophecy: Many prophecys in the Old Testament are filled in the New Testament, this could only be so if there exists a living God.

Sacrifice: Why would those who knew the living God personally lay down their lives for Him if He were dead?

Contingency: If evolution weren't directed by a living God, then our existence is nothing but a product of chance and contingency.

Altruism: We should be selfish creatures without a living God.

Faith: I have faith in the living God so no matter the arguments my faith won't be shaken.

Experience: I have experienced God personally, so that's proof that God is not dead.

Miracles: A close relative was diagnosed with terminal cancer that went away, a dead God cannot heal cancer.

Other miracles: A Virgin Mary statue is weeping, this shows God is alive and upset at us.

Disasters: The 2004 tsunami killed hundreds of thousands, could this be any doubt that it was because they didn't believe in the living God?

Near death: I was involved in a car accident where I was nearly killed. If God was dead then why aren't I?

Revelation: God came to me in a dream and revealed to me the secrets of the universe, thus God isn't dead.

Prayer: My prayers were answered, are you writing off my experience as just coincidence?

Afterlife: By saying God is dead it's the denial of anything beyond. And how can this world be enough?

NOMA: Science and religion are but different ways of knowing, so science can't be used to pronounce the death of God.

Suicide: If you truly believed that God was dead, then why don't you kill yourself?

Optimism: By claiming God is dead there is nothing left to base optimism on.

Justice: If God is dead, then those who do truly evil things could never be properly brought to justice.

Solipsism: A very powerful demon could be tricking you into thinking God is dead.

Intellectual superiority: Those who claim God is dead aren't truly informed on the matter.

Society: No matter what you do God will never be seen to be dead, so just get used to it.

Sheep: "God is dead" has just become another religion, with "Pope" Dawkins leading his flock.

Fatwa envy: The only reason you say God is dead instead of Allah is that you're afraid of being killed.

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