Thursday, 2 December 2010

Morning Scepticism: Vaccine Preventable Deaths

The nature of vaccine denial, I think, means that no matter what happens those who are vocally opposed to vaccinations will keep their opposition. There are already deaths associated with vaccine-preventable diseases coming back. The response? It's the drug company's fault for making such a horrible dangerous product, despite all the work done showing those fears are misguided.

Those who are arguing against vaccines aren't horrible people, they believe what they are doing is right. They are good people, and good people don't want children to die. So instead they harrass the parents who have lost a child through vaccine-preventable disease, they blame Big Pharma, and still go on about how dangerous mercury is. To do otherwise would be to admit they've in part fuelled a hysteria that has claimed the lives of those they want to protect. More children will die and that will only strengthen a denialist's resolve.

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