Monday, 18 April 2011

My Ideal Rusty Nail

When it comes to scotch, it seems a heresy to use it in a cocktail. Cocktails are for lesser drinks, not for drinks that are to be enjoyed for what they are. Likewise Drambuie as a scotch liqueur is incredibly good on its own, richly complex with herbal and honey characteristics to complement the underlying scotch. Yet I immensely enjoy a good rusty nail. My ideal recipe is:
  • 3 parts Glenlivet 12YO
  • 2 parts Drambuie

I find this works well because the Glenlivet is not very smoky, so it makes for a nicely balanced drink. The Drambuie takes the edge off the alcohol as well as giving it an immediate up-front intensity, then in mid palate comes what I can only describe as a malt bomb going off in my mouth.

Best served without ice.

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