Sunday, 24 October 2010

Creationist Logic

If you've watched Expelled, perhaps you wondered why the only scientific argument really brought up was the origin of life. Or wonder why Creationists spend time talking about just how tenuous the laws of nature that permit our existence are. Nothing to do with evolution you say? Well that's because you're not seeing the big picture.
  1. Evolution explains the diversity of life.
  2. The case for evolution is well established.
  3. Evolution cannot explain the origin of life.
  4. Even if evolution could explain the origin of life, it cannot explain the laws of physics that permit it.
  5. Creationism explains the origin and diversity of life.
  6. Creationism explain the physics that permit life's existence.

  7. Therefore Creationism is a superior explanation to evolution.

And there you have it, creationist logic. The case against evolution these days is the case against evolution taking place to begin with, and from there concluding that God must be involved. And since God must be involved there's no need to posit evolution because God can create in any way He wants. And since there's an account of how God did create as revealed to Moses there exists an explanation. It's so sciency it burns!

Of course if pressed on the science, remember that while evolutionists might be able to explain the complexity of the eye they can never explain the complexity of the cells that make up the eye!

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