Saturday, 2 October 2010

Morning Scepticism: Libertarianism

Let's say that libertarianism is the best political system the world has ever seen. We could determine this by looking at the failings of other systems then check to see whether those failings exist in libertarianism. If they don't or at the very least are no worse than other systems, then you have to conclude that libertarianism is the only political system worth considering...

... the sad thing about this kind of rhetoric is the frequency which I encounter it. Start with the premise that libertarianism is great then defend against any faults others perceive. This way doesn't specify what reasons to suppose libertarianism is a good political position to begin with, but that's not what presuppositional apologetics is for. It's designed to steel an idea against criticism, not extol its virtues. It's nothing more than a rhetorical trick, but expressing moral outrage over being taxed doesn't fly with everyone.

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