Saturday, 9 October 2010

Morning Scepticism: Quality

It's not be fruitful and add, it's be fruitful and multiply. And this happens regardless of whether someone holds Genesis 1:28 as a command from God. And multiply we have, in the last 200 years the human population has increased from about 1 billion to nearly 7 billion. There's only a finite amount of resources available and they are being pushed to the limits already, is there really any good reason not to educate on family planning and birth control? We've multiplied enough already, why is the opposition to pro-life pro-choice instead of pro-quality?

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Anonymous said...

But you see, it doesn't matter that there's a finite amount of resources, or that we're increasingly wallowing in the by-products of their consumption, since Jaysis is gonna come back real soon any day now and roll the whole thing up, so that the command to multiply is as good as open-ended; and in my admittedly cynical observation, the people most in favor of endless production and reproduction don't care at all about someone else's quality of life; their quality of life is what's important.