Friday, 11 February 2011

Morning Scepticism: Complete

In comparisons between Creation and evolution, I've seen arguments where Creationism is taken as superior to evolution because Creationism explains the origin of life while evolution cannot account for it. While it would be nice to have a theory of life's origins, it doesn't mean that all the evidence for evolution can just be ignored because Creation can explain what evolution cannot. The fossils are still going to be in the same strata, dead genes will still sit in the DNA, species will continue to change over time, and the earth will still date to billions of years old. That one idea has the potential to explain more than an another is useless if that one idea doesn't explain what is already known. You just don't get to ignore evidence because "God did it" explains* gravity while dendrochronology can only count tree rings.

*it doesn't actually explain anything, only the perception of explaining something.

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