Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Morning Scepticism: Doubt

Doubting is easy, being in a state of doubt is not. I think this is why, in part, humans tend for frameworks that allow for easy answers. Why try to work out what it means for something to be right or wrong when morality is just doing God's will? Why work towards a godless morality when it's easy to dismiss the concept altogether? Either way, it's a lot easier to justify both positions than to work at formulating what it means to be moral. That requires contemplation, reflection, and study. It's susceptible to failure, to being misapplied, and worst of all will be dismissed by those who will just say what's moral is what God commands or argue there's no such thing as morality. Maybe one of them is right, but the heuristic seems a hindrance to being able to ascertain who, if at all.

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