Saturday, 14 June 2014

Amateurish Thoughts On Brazil 2014: Spain vs Netherlands

  • The closing down strategy both teams employed at the beginning made for a scrappy opening exchange, bogged down in midfield. Barely any goalmouth action
  • Sneijder's initial break was so beautifully timed that it was deserving of a better finish.
  • Both sides used the offside trap, though it completely neutralised Spain while the Netherlands made it work.
  • Live, the penalty looked soft but understandable. The replay showed it to be a blatant dive - disappointing that the #1 team in the world needs to resort to such tactics. Though as the game went that was the only time Spain looked like scoring.
  • Van Persie's header (and the half-length cross) was unbelievable skill. An early contender for goal of the tournament?
  • Both of Robben's goals showed immaculate ball control. He was unlucky not to get the hat-trick with that superb volley from outside the box.
  • Odd to see Casillas make two crucial mistakes that led to goals.
  • The Dutch 3-4-3 formation was great for their counter-attack style of play. Spain's 4-3-3 didn't look like it troubled the Dutch much at all.
  • The second half especially had me grinning from ear to ear. What a display!

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