Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Amateurish Thoughts On Brazil 2014: Australia vs Spain

  • This was the kind of match I expected from the Socceroos before the tournament again, where nothing was particularly wrong with how they played, but that they were simply outclassed by a better team.
  • To their credit, Australia tried taking the game to Spain. But the attacks always seemed to break down in the final third, before there was even a chance on.
  • Without Cahill, Australia doesn't look to have any attacking option. Even the late addition of Bresciano showed that Australia might struggle for a while as they transition away from the "golden generation". At least for now, there are no obvious successors. Leckie had a good tournament
  • All three Spanish goals were well-taken, including Villa's wonderful back-heel. I think this was easily Australia's best defensive performance of the tournament even if it still leaked three goals. At least this time, all goals came from quality play to unpick the defence.
  • Matt Ryan doesn't fill me with any confidence as a keeper. His movement and positioning looks way too tentative and unconvincing. Is he really Australia's best choice?
  • Spain finally looked like the team that won the last world cup - strong in attack, resolute in defence.

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