Thursday, 19 June 2014

Amateurish Thoughts on Brazil 2014: Australia vs Netherlands

  • The Socceroos looked like a unified team from the start, putting together long chains of possession that resulted in attacking opportunities. 
  • On the balance of things, it would be fair to say the Socceroos had the best of the first half, with 3 clear-cut chances. Bresciano and Spiranovic could (should?) have done better.
  • Robben's break and goal showed his talent. A strong run and finish, though I didn't quite get the central defender hedging his bets for a potential cross. Robben had so much space.
  • Cahill's immediate reply would be goal of the tournament (so far - can it be surpassed?) for me if not for the Van Persie header in the Netherlands' last game. A sublime finish from Cahill, showing once again he deserves to be crowned Australia's Greatest Footballer Of All Time!
  • The penalty could have gone either way (at least according to my reading of law 12), but I was more than happy it was given. Those 4 minutes Australia had the lead was honestly something I was not expecting before the hame started. 
  • That said, Netherlands pretty much walked the ball into the Aussie net 4 minutes later. It was yet another time in the tournament so far that Australia looked utterly fragile in the defensive third.
  • The third Netherlands goal was the killer. Matt Ryan had good vision on the shot and it was hit almost directly at him, so all I can fathom is that the late swing on the shot made the difference. It's a shame that it came only seconds after Leckie squandered a golden chance to put Australia in front.
  • The selection of the Socceroos squad was aimed at building for the future, but it's hard to see past an Australian side without Tim Cahill and Mark Bresciano. I guess the game against Spain will show us our attacking prowess without Australia's Greatest Footballer Of All Time.

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